Interested in Joining?

We’re so glad you are interested in our research! Before you reach out, read our social contract here that covers lab expectations and the lab culture to make sure we are a good fit.

Interested graduate students can come to IU Bloomington via either the Microbiology, Genome, Cell and Development, or the Evolution, Ecology, and Behavior programs. Check out those links and contact PI Newton (irnewton at and get the conversation started.

We are always interested in motivated postdoctoral fellows to join our team. Currently, we are looking for someone interested in taking on our Wolbachia mediated pathogen blocking project but are always interested in finding funds to support an open minded, creative, and kind person to join our team.

Postdoctoral positions in host-microbe epitranscriptomics:

Successful host-associated microbes sculpt host cell biology in ways that are useful to them. Often, these changes in host biology alter the ability of other microbes to colonize, protecting the host niche for the first microbe. For example, colonization of insects with Wolbachia endosymbionts can preclude infection by viruses. This fact has led to the deployment of Wolbachia-infected mosquitos across the globe to limit the transmission of vectored diseases. We have identified RNA modifications induced by Wolbachia that directly alter Drosophila cell biology and affect the ability of viruses to colonize. Wolbachia upregulates a host methyltransferase to limit virus replication and our preliminary data suggest that the virus genome itself is modified in a Wolbachia infected cell, altering mRNA stability. These data lead us to ask “How does a microbial symbiont alter the epitranscriptomic landscape of host cells?” The ideal candidate will have experience in Drosophila, molecular virology, and/or bioinformatics.  The candidate will be trained in molecular virology, and the use of direct sequencing approaches (PacBio and ONT) to identify modified nucleotides.

A Ph.D. in microbiology, virology, bioinformatics, entomology, or a related field is required. The position will be funded for three years, with the potential to extend for an additional year. Salary will be commensurate with experience, and full benefits are included.

To apply, please submit (i) a letter of application, (ii) a full CV, (iii) a statement of research interests, and (iv) contact information for three references electronically to For best consideration, please apply by October 31, 2020. Expected start date can be as soon as January 1, 2021 but is flexible. Inquiries about the position can be directed to Irene Newton (

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