Lab News

18_01: Amelia takes the lead on our analysis of molecular evolution for the cytoplasmic incompatibility genes cifA and cifB 

17_10: Tamanash’s review accepted to Environmental Microbiology! Read about Wolbachia effectors and how they influence host cell biology.

17_09: New graduate student Audrey Parish joins the lab! Welcome Audrey! She is interested in the honey bee associated Parasaccharibacter species.

17_08: Dr. Irene Newton gave her tenure seminar and submitted her dossier – the faculty vote was positive! Now to wait for the official college letter.

17_07: Danny Rice leads our analysis of the evolution of Wolbachia type IV effectors – published in Genome Biology and Evolution

17_07: New postdocs Amelia Lindsey and Eric Smith join the lab – Amelia is fired up to work on Wolbachia pathogen blocking and Eric on honey bee queen symbionts.

16_06: Lots of news to report for the lab. Our paper describing the first candidate type IV effector in Wolbachia is accepted to mBio! and grad student Kayla Miller and PI Newton are on their way to ASM this month in Boston #ASMMicrobe2016 here we come!

16_05: Our manuscript on Wolbachia genome evolution with Seth Bordenstein and Jack Werren is published in Genome Biology and Evolution!

15_08: Newton lab members Lindsay Nevalainen, Mairead O’Connor-Maleney and Kathy Sheehan present posters at the Midwest Microbial Pathogenesis Conference while PI Newton gives a talk. Wolbachia represented in force!

15_07: Freddy Lee gives a great talk at the 8th Congress of the International Symbiosis Society in Lisbon, Portugal.

15_07: Zach Rokop and Melissa Horton’s paper on lactic acid bacteria in the honey bee accepted in AEM.

15_04: NSF Funded! The Newton Lab awarded a three year NSF grant on Wolbachia pathogenesis.

15_03: The lab’s work on interactions between Wolbachia and host actin accepted in PLoS Pathogens!

15_02: Watch a youtube recording of the seminar given by Irene Newton on the Twitter Microbiology Research Seminar

15_01: The lab welcomes four new graduate students: Kayla Miller, Lucas Henry, Lindsay Nevalainen, and Mairead O’Connor-Maleney

14_10_30: The lab’s most recent paper on Wolbachia adaptation to host passage is accepted for publication in journal Applied and Environmental Microbiology!

14_10: The lab’s two undergraduate researchers, Zach Rokop and Maneesh Tiwari, are accepted into medical school – congrats to them for all their hard work.

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